Mtg 35/38: Mon-29-Nov-2021

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  • Happy Monday! Riders won! (For those of you who saw the game, were you entertained?)
  • Attendance
  • Any questions?

Evaluating Websites

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Good afternoon. I was busy doing something and I realized I. hadn't clicked into the meeting so. over everyone had a good weekend. Happy Monday. Okay. Good to our meeting today. Administration so happy Monday and. If I sound like I have a bit deeper voice today it's because I was. feeling a little bit at the game yesterday. How many. How many people saw the game yesterday on TV or in person. Is Green is the color football is a game that's right. Absolutely. yeah it was not a pretty game, but it was entertaining. Like if you think the winning team is going to throw four interceptions. That might be. might be a tall order. To take that as. Someone told you, before the game that they were going to throw four interceptions. And still win that would have been. I would have been a little bit incredulous I think. But anyway, all worked out in the end. And just two more wins, and there we go. anyway. So perfect day for the game is all about around about zero the time. anyway. So let's do our attendance.
  • I.
  • wish I could convince. Things scroll over so I could just not have to rearrange my windows. Anyway, I wanted to get to that key so I can click on the password. And I want to. reposition the chat so I can. See the message without. moving things around again. My feeling with zoom is. That they're happy making. The. scene on a profits they are see with the pandemic that they're not. As concerned about. how people are interacting with it. during meetings and other can make minor improvements to. improve the user experience. i'm just a little bit jaded I guess. I didn't return on my chat message for the password. Soon, any questions about the last individual assignment or the last piece of the project. Suppose one of us should say something. you hear me okay.
  • yep.
  • Okay, thanks just checking the. setup was working. I should turn up my volume a little bit more maybe that will help a little bit.
  • Professor.
  • Yes, Peter.
  • First, Peter for the project assignment depart for when I click on the description, it takes me to the Patrick. description I don't know if you already talked about it, last week I maybe I missed it.
  • No, I didn't.
  • So when you click on the link for the description of part for it opens the poetry description.
  • Okay here. Let me. So I was there's a suggestion for. Given a reference website and a simulated work tasks so here's a question on the final exam so let's do a real one. So fix a link on my on my your courses page. So I want to make sure that i'm. Turn editing on. To go. there's a part for description. And it settings. yeah. Thanks Jeffrey, and so the one thing is that there's. I didn't update the one to two.
  • Look fucking up. OK OK.
  • So, the one thing I would like to be able to do is run some tests on my website so that are your courses today. or. I don't know how to articulate exactly. how it would work but it's so that the links between my website and your courses website are. pointing to the same place. And it goes up to date. so simple things we could do without. engaging in a lot of extra testing would be. Like was in New York courses page where you can set a start and an end date. So. A test just internal to your course he would be. Or the or the. A bit all the dates for the assignments within the range of date specified for the new course offering. And if they're not then they could be more prominently flagged. or they could just be flagged because. I noticed that some times i've I have the the month and they correct, but the years been wrong. So. That was a big help to me. So here in your courses i've separated the description link that goes to my web page from the submission of the assignment. is having this description as a link. Does that. improve readability or not. So I found, from my perspective, as the course instructor this improves my main the main tangibility of the website for, from my perspective. Because I don't have to go in and. I don't have to write some html, even if I just put the link in the description and I have to write html to go around the link. Here I can just put the link. into the URL slot and. Then it's done. anyway. Okay, so any other questions or concerns about broken links. or any questions about assignments or. So. See going back to. So I don't I don't mean to single. out a particular website, but this is. fresh air experience. My wife and I went there looking for Christmas gifts for my son who's in Latvia. and We went she went to the website beforehand and had some difficulties with it, and then I remember being in the store and someone made a comment your websites really bad and they said yes, I know, yes, we know. But i'm not trying to single them out, I just thought this would be interesting. website to look at. To apply some of put into practice, some of the theory we've talked about the Semester. So what kinds of. If we don't have users. What kinds of evaluations, can we do with the website here, let me bring up. I should ask any conflicts of interest. New people working for fresh air experience. Well it's not right. Making an issue where there's. None really. anyway. So can someone answer in chat or here, let me put. The whiteboard up. Okay check server logs. So that will see where. Where people visited. Really that's. really were looking at user data we're just. so rich we're relying on users generate that data. But that's true or not. we're not. So this is a case. for putting this acute acute security features together of allowing you to annotate and allowing you to me to hide the name your names. Because they're in two different place okay. So, can you give me more detail about comparisons. Okay, so with similar websites okay. So I think doing comparisons with similar websites. May may be something that experts would engage in. So we can do a. walk through the website. And we understand. what's going on with similar websites. So what are the two two ways we. Two types of valuations we can do so, we have user data, what do we call that. I used to do this. You see if I can. Okay. Anyone like to. guess a letter. appears in the word. Okay i'm looking for words. Okay, see yes there's a see. anyone else. yeah there's an l. A blank. yeah. Yes, and the answer is. Okay, so I don't have a price riziki for guessing that but, thanks for playing everybody. Now let's see if we. don't have data. start a new guess for this other word. Yes. Yes, analytical. likes this time. Okay, so we can do an analytical evaluation like an expert review of the website, or we can do. You can use a model to. evaluate. The website like. grams keystroke level model. They have some link to the color contrast checker. For the website whoever's web accessibility guidelines. So I think. So if you're talking about a conceptual model or a mental model. That, I think that can be something an. examined in an expert review that says. This is something we can. Pardon me. Okay So what about Morse code i'm curious or what's what's the angle there. Or you could hear my phone ringing it sounds like was Morris. yeah okay. Often, to think about that a little bit more Jeffrey. So I think. From the designers perspective, we have. An expectation of how users will relate to it and so. We could imagine. The most the model that we're trying to. Encourage in the users and whether or not they. Accept the hints in that direction is another thing altogether. So that's where. The judicious use of metaphors. So on that can encourage. user to. See the interface. In a way, that. makes sense to them at school is. consistent. and allows them to to leverage their previous experience in the new interface. So when we're doing. website review. We might pick out things that are. The real user that actual users may not. highlight for themselves as they complete a task but. So we're doing a qualitative analysis of the website. Whereas yeah so if we did the color contrast tests and so on for test for accessibility. Then we can do an. Quantitative. Analysis of the website. Does that. Does that explanation help Jeffrey.
  • yeah.
  • Okay well i'll still think about that some more and old. i'll. Try and talk about some more on Wednesday.
  • Sure sounds good.
  • Okay.
  • So anyway. i'm going to save this whiteboard and. i'm going to suggest that we do breakout rooms. And i'll let you look at the website. and think about. issues that come up for you. And what might be a. Reasonable task. Well okay here i'll give you the task that I had in mind from my interaction on the weekend, with going to the store so looking for men's clothing. Okay, let me put the URL for the website into the chat. As well as share the screen. Okay, I think that's spelled correctly. Okay. More. i'll do three breakout rooms today okay. make sense, what i'm asking you to do. knowledge. share your screens within your breakout groups breakout rooms. Do you want me to sign either rooms.
  • Sorry, I was just waiting for you to post, the question on the chat. Just so it's clear.
  • Oh.
  • Look at the website and evaluated the task of finding men's clothing. or. business. Was that Jeffrey said okay.
  • yeah that's good.
  • Okay. Okay i'm going to start assigning people to groups, because most of you are still in the major. Okay, here I go. Okay. Any thoughts.
  • I think we're we're evaluating the website, we found some inconsistency so for clothing, the they don't show us up while in the show section, if you go to men's shoes. And some of them are sold out they do right sold out so they could have implemented the same thing with a calling it they don't have them in stock or something. But it just does not produce yourself that's not great for reading about the types of things they sell so that's inconsistent there.
  • So what. You said choose.
  • Yes, it was. No shoes.
  • Okay winter snow. yeah okay. So it's not something that's available. For purchase. They could have a great out, for example. You don't have to modify the name of the. It could present it in a more informative way.
  • Yes, and they also have implemented the same design, with a clothing, rather than just displaying no products or search results not something like that, like an error message.
  • So another. thing I noticed. Should we go to the home. So it says in the corner here new fall clothing arriving daily. Then, if you go to summer products. So.
  • there's the.
  • clothing clothing in the summer.
  • we're clothing in the winter.
  • And then I wonder if this is a clickable. So it's not a button it's just a banner. there's where do you find the fall clothing. So those are good point that's a good point thanks for your suggestion is a Jeffrey you noticing the same thing or something similar.
  • i'm not exactly sure what you're implying but yeah let me.
  • read you a speaking.
  • yeah they missed the whole season.
  • yeah.
  • So. I think another thing at least that I tried with my grape breakout group was they tried googling. Using the Google search engine to looks through the website, just to see Okay, do they sell a single shirt, but they do not. At least on their website so. Okay lose lose. For anyone looking for clothing here.
  • You know, there was some in store. So that was how. We we actually found some things we bought, but you couldn't find them on the website. anyway. So any final thoughts.
  • Okay that's her off go. Is that right sorry national.
  • group discussion, we were trying to actually rate the. bread website based on our experience, and we also found found that the user user experience is not that user friendly and engagement is not up to the mark. So, Michael market zero out of five and i'm in a strong the task finding the man's float and I marked it two out of five so, is it was not that I mean their experience was bad.
  • Okay, so I see we're out of time here today, but so maybe we'll we'll pick this up again on Wednesday. Human and to sort of. keep him keep in mind what what you've noticed and then we'll we'll try and. get a little deeper in it on Wednesday sure okay. Anything else before we go.
  • Have a good week.
  • Thank you, that smiling smiling to you so have a good rest of your Monday, and so I got an office hour tomorrow from one to two and then next. Time to see me as well we'll see each other in class on Wednesday. we'll continue on our discussion so. Thanks for today, everybody. Have a great day stay safe and well. and Talk to you soon take care.
  • Thank you for this or have a good day.
  • Thanks everyone have a. Great day and. Here we go we'll see you next time.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • gd afternoon
  • Good afternoon. Happy Monday!
  • Good afternoon! Happy Monday!
  • Good Afternoon, Happy Monday!
  • good afternoon, good afternoon
  • Green is the color football is the game
  • Very close! Good game!
  • Student password
  • yes
  • Correct link:
  • Yes. The description link is handy for getting assignment info.
  • C?
  • L
  • r?
  • emperical
  • A
  • A
  • a
  • A
  • N
  • L
  • Y
  • analytical?
  • T
  • II
  • I*
  • i
  • Analytical
  • Conceptual model? Mental model?
  • Morse Code ?
  • The Vibration sound
  • Would a designer making an empathy map of their own design be considered a mental model?
  • And be analytical in nature
  • — use it to find men’s clothing
  • yes
  • Look at and evaluate it for the task of finding mens clothing for Christmas gifts
  • Thank you
  • Thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • got to know about color contrast accessibility validator that helps us to check our website accessibility.
  • Learnt about how we can evaluate a website without users, or without data: analytical
  • today we evaluated an website, which was all over the place and needs improvement. We discussed what are the problems and how we can deal with them in breakout rooms..
  • Understanding the benefit of good product placement on websites to it can intrigue customers.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the evaluating websites
  • We learned about 2 terms: empirical and analytical and had a breakout room discussion on a website (looking for men's clothing).
  • Emperical and analytical data in regards to website feedback. As well as designer evaluations of interfaces without users.
  • We discussed how to evaluate website without users.
  • In today's class, we had a zoom breakout discussion to evaluate the website for finding men's clothing which was very interesting. We found out the website is inconsistent in case of categorizing the products as we could not find any clothes for men in the website.
  • learning about well developed websites such as FAE and that even these well established business do not have perfect websites
  • Todays class focused on a breakout discussion of a website's interface that sells mens clothing.
  • evaluation of the website for mens clothing.. The design choices for it
  • We have discussed om the evaluation on men's clothing site
  • The most important thing that I learned in today's class was about how we can evaluate a website without users.
  • Today we evaluated on men clothing website and had suggestion.
  • How can we evaluate the website without users?
  • How to evaluate design when there are no users or there is no data
  • In today's meeting we discuss about evaluating the websites.
  • Todays lecture was good as we had to discuss aboyt how to evaluate a website without users and also a breakout room to discuss about the design improvements for a website.
  • The Fresh Air Experience site is not good for buyers - if they have clothing in-store they could have some feature on their website that shows what they could have and just have it unavailable for purchase online
  • In today's lecture, we have been in groups to discuss a possible suggestion for the website that's been offered by the professor. I do like the design in general

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • we talked about how to evaluate a website without users.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Today we discussed about the experience of finding men's clothing on and that was quite interesting because the website did not have a single t-shirt for men's. I would like to experience these kind of things in class
  • I would most like to know more about data analysis methods for the situation that we have different types of data. For instance we gathered the emotional frequencies data as well as surveys data. How we can find a correlation between them?
  • I want to know why is it necessary to create fidelity prototype. I am creating the prototype using adobeXD. It is taking me alot of time.
  • Upcoming group project.


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