Mtg 36/38: Wed-01-Dec-2021

Outline for Today




  • Happy Wednesday! Happy December! Be careful not to slip and fall outside!
  • Attendance
  • Project Questions? Move due date?

Evaluating Websites

Last Day

  • Empathy map as part of analytical evaluation


  • how to combine quantitative and qualitative data for analysis?
  • why is it necessary to create a high fidelity prototype?

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • first day of December today.
  • Yes, yes. Great. know every subject like. practicing physicians and having studying every subject so. so deeply so that we can pass and we can get good marks in. waiting for the final exam.
  • yeah.
  • yeah this exam is late.
  • know which one SEC is on it.
  • 21st 20 seconds.
  • 20 seconds.
  • So that's quite late.
  • and on 23rd I think like university is getting closed for making. Christmas we. Like Christmas holidays, I think, in the last. Well, usually it's Christmas Eve.
  • yeah 24. Maybe call it. I wanted to say, at noon, but that's not necessarily the case it's. A bit early but not not quite at new and I think.
  • Okay.
  • And then it's closed. during the week between Christmas and New year's.
  • Yes.
  • So so hoping that the snow is going to stick around or.
  • Dirty.
  • or not stick around but. i'm not a fan of the freezing rain. that's we had yesterday morning. And I was walking down my driveway and sliding all the way. that's not fun.
  • You don't like winter.
  • I like winter I don't know the winter this that. That involves rain. And freezes.
  • yeah.
  • I would much rather have snow. used to be that it would snow and. sometime in November, and it would stick around until March. And then it would be spring and we get rain and spring. But anyway. The reality of the climate is. Changing. and So I saw story on news yesterday. there's a survey in Canada and two thirds of. respondents their. survey of 2000 or so people. and two thirds leave. or accepted. Climate change or thought there was strong it evidence for it. And I wonder, my friend mark. Maybe 100% of people in BC. except the climate change is real now after the. list of the third atmosphere rigor and. Just a few weeks. anyway. So. I think we have to. Stay positive and do what we can and not despair. Especially as we're getting into December. Okay. how's everyone doing today. Very good. I like the thumbs up the mochi. what's your screen. Okay, so we're meeting 3638. Today, so. The end is coaching. So let's. Get administration of the way so. I said this happy Wednesday, some people and happy December. it's, not to say it's not so slippery today yesterday. Yesterday morning, especially, it was very slippery. And I was. sliding down my driveway. So hopefully it stays. Not slippery not icy anyway let's go on to attendance. So I just want to check have asked last day their questions about project. So that's due on the third, which is Friday. At one minute to midnight. Is there any. Is that a good so good day due date to have or would you like to move it.
  • If we could delay it to one day, at least, I would be nice, I have a few assignments due on the same day.
  • So when if I. If I move it to Monday so. When we. project is do the same days, the second individual Simon. This is that a help or hindrance. I guess, we could move.
  • No.
  • I don't know about moving all individual Simon you dig. Because, then you don't want to move too much anyway so. Maybe extend it one day for the individual assignments. Well, some people have exams. During the class period. Okay. So let me make that change now. So if if you'd like to submit them sooner than that's fine as well. settings.
  • hey.
  • Okay.
  • hey.
  • Roger. Okay, that looks right. i'll fix up the other due dates. related due dates all this afternoon. Okay, so that's done. So last day we had a discussion about empathy maps and whether that can be part of an analytical evaluation. Like a walkthrough. So I didn't. come across any. Direct. directly related articles. about that, but. In general, I would say that. I think it does get the kind of walk through approach. in the sense that. well. Given that we don't have actual us with the same. Night be. Reasonable reasonable way to get. assumptions. or. understanding of news that the experts or will be people. are using. lock. So that that might help to highlight. points were issues or flag lock you want. peers. big problems when we're using the website. That make sense.
  • yeah. Okay.
  • So, then, a couple of responses from the meeting. phrases. So how to combine quantitative and qualitative data for analysis. So it might not be possible to make a direct. Well let's see if we can do something. You can use her cross tabs I think is the word for it. So if you have people who have all. Your experience the interface, maybe. You can look. At the time, at the. So people who report. Qualitatively a good experience. They collect quietly for them. may show fewer errors, they may show. Faster speed it's another. With a positive rating smart positive ratings for the interface. And the people who have. A qualitative report experience, then they might. Show. wires slower completion before ratings. The interface. So. there's a lot of details in terms of Is this the colossus or. If you're looking to get some significant results. You say that with. me. So we have 95% confidence. In. The numbers, we have. that's beyond the scope of what we're doing here. let's say that you can do. Maybe a loser some trunks or something like that. The phenomena data o'clock the. night. be able to look at some groups and see whether there's some trends, or some. possible connections for future. exploration in terms of. The group so you might identify the qualitative data. and The quantitative requirements. some extent. Okay.
  • So.
  • On the chat response it's a yes. So. Anyone.
  • Okay.
  • So the other question was Why is necessary to create a high fidelity prototype. So I. Think. High fidelity prototypes the ones that look more like software will be running on your computer. is productive in general, because. There might be. More issues. Or, more ideas. That the the actual users of the software all have. been proven things once they see it. In the more finished version. So what i'm asking you to do for the project was to create an illustration of the tasks that. you've been working on working with your interface. So. it's it's not meant to be. For. Men, to have a lot of bread. that's demonstrating a lot of functions. We just want you to focus on. The task. That you've been focusing on throughout your project so illustrate how that could be completed. redesigned interface. Okay. So I was looking at this website you're looking at the other day Monday. Then they notice. So this video. In shock for me, the first time I looked at the website, then I realized it's. Only saw this part of the website. They when we come home. that's when I first saw. And cpus running at 90% error. And kind of distracting for me, anyway, no, you can hear that on my computer from my computer.
  • You.
  • So Another thing I noticed the first time I opened the website was this many didn't display properly, but I haven't been able to recreate that sense. So we talked last day about. The. inconsistent displays example that we look for. We want to look for men's clothing.
  • Thank you have to click men's clothing, rather than clothing.
  • yeah.
  • We just noticing that. Is this shop clothing men's clothing is the breadcrumbs so I can go back and check on what click on clothing here. So still no products from. So the upcoming events. That doesn't look so good. it's like a syntax error and on the website. And then we're social Facebook Facebook. which looks like. Like possibly a mistake here, though. they're not identified as. Regina and Prince Albert links. No, I think that the two Facebook links are. One is. The first one is. For sure experience PA the other one is a share experience vagina. So, in terms of consistency that they have the first, then the vagina one. was a match through China than the Prince Albert. Presentation information there. Then I know search for for sure experience there's one in Ottawa that comes up. So how do we know from landing on. into the page with it's better that we, but the one we're thinking of it's energizing. Arkansas but I guess we'll talk about scheduling location. it's gonna be. one. Well that's not working, one let's see mission. looks. about the same. yeah okay i'll put a couple of screenshots up against that. So what are some so we said, find a Christmas last yesterday we're thinking about finding a Christmas gift. So clothing. If you're not. say when you decide to go to the store. Can you find out how to get there. Let me get to the star physical store.
  • If the social media for the store. Maybe features more information. Or is more updated than the website itself, in some cases.
  • yeah.
  • let's see what the Facebook pixel. Yes, there's no more. Information here, so we spend. We spend more time with the. social media pages. Or the Facebook page now. On it says they're very responsive messages. yeah. well. The website. we're just making a little bit more, we are going to enable them to.
  • I think a website is good for branding like it is. Like a social media presence more legitimate he may be, or more confidence to the consumer that this place exists.
  • yeah. So I noticed here they have all these. Electric bikes. But I thought likes your own in da. anyway.
  • Okay.
  • Any more thoughts. So another question another. idea to explore is. on my website. Here it is. The homepage now how do we get to today's meeting. So that's three clicks to get. The page for today's meeting. Is that. Too much was there. Does that become a bit of an issue for you how many people. are using that those three clicks to get to the page for the day. Or do you. have this bookmark. And then you can just go to the one today. This URL. Like. You can click on today. get to this. Great okay well. you're doing seminars next semester, then. When we can do that as well for the whole semester. Are there other other ideas about. Well, what to do. To improve. navigation. So my question was. want. To get today's meeting pages, we and other and other issues. Are there other issues. We can. like to raise. The alternative approaches or you'd like me to do the today. idea and see how that works. Your final thoughts we've been scribble on the right whiteboard. anyway. Okay, anyway, yes and. Okay, so that's some good ideas anyway we're at a time for today. So. we'll see you on Friday. Take care can't run stay stay stay well. now gone sour two to three. today. Thanks everyone have a good day bye.
  • Have a good day.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Not too bad
  • good
  • good
  • busy with assignment deadlines though
  • Sleepy, wrote a final yesterday
  • Yes, fell twice yesterday
  • Student password
  • please extend it
  • Move
  • move
  • move
  • I agree to move it further
  • one day extension won’t be bad pleas e
  • No questions about the project. Could we push the due date to Monday so that our team has more time to meet, record and edit the video?
  • 1 day more
  • Yes
  • it will be grt
  • Yes, the overlap between assignments would be fine.
  • Even for Individual assignment
  • that works fine
  • yes please
  • that would be great since I have a final on monday
  • Sure, that works.
  • please move individual assignment as well
  • yes that would be helpful.
  • Yes individual assignment will be great if it can be moved
  • Yes
  • does the 2 facebook icons take you to the same link?
  • Oh okay
  • yeah it is inconsistent
  • wondering what it would look like on mobile
  • How to get where?
  • Ah. Got it.
  • From the address of the contact us
  • From About Us page I can see some addresses
  • i do even though i feel like it requires some clicks
  • I have bookmarked the link and always use this one.
  • that would have been great
  • Not much to say, I rely on URCourses to get me to the Zoom class and link me to the class session on your website
  • thanks
  • Cheers, thanks!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks
  • byeee
  • Thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • talked about the interface of fresh air experience.
  • Today we discussed about extension on the assignments we are left with and also we again discussed the site that we discussed on Monday.
  • i learnt about empaty maps and thanks for making changes to the project and assignment.
  • website evaluation.
  • We discussed the freshairexperience website today and talked about the assignments.
  • cleared out some questions on assignments, discussion on fresh air experience website.
  • Where information is shared on websites for the users (ie the class website, store website, store social media).
  • Today's meeting we have discussed about extension of project submission and Empathy map as part of analytical evaluation some questions on it.
  • We talked about the empathy map today.
  • In today's meeting, we evaluated the website for this link- . We found many inconsistency in the website. We discussed how to make the today's meeting page easily accessible.
  • we just discussed about the assignments due date.
  • How to combine qualitative and quantitative data in order for analysis
  • General discussion and project discussion
  • We discussed assignment and evaluation of freshair website
  • The most important thing that I learned about today's class was that how to combine quantitative and qualitative data for analysis
  • Today, I learned about different ways to solve the "accessing of the meeting link" issues
  • For today class we talked about the interface design and possible improvements on that.
  • Today we discussed about assignments, talked about empathy map and some of the responses. Lastly we evaluated fresh air experience website and also how to get to today response page easily.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the project 4 and discuss about the move date of project and individual assignment.
  • Was that we evaluated fresh air experience website and talked about some response.
  • In todays class we all had discussions about postponing the due dates for assignment and then the Professor made the changes for it and then had discussions about 's website and its designs.
  • Discussed about fresh air web experience
  • Most interesting was that professor extended the due date to 7th

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • I would like to say about the question of how to get today’s meeting page easily. So, i think that we can have a button or connection on the main loading page to forward that link to meeting page or there can be any dropdown list showing all the options.
  • we talked about the possibilities of making that website better.
  • A topic i miss is interaction design with respect to visualizing and exploring data. Specifically i was expecting some discussion on the topic in Chapter 10 (Data At Scale) of the new version of the textbook
  • We talked about why to create HF-Prototype. I saw a question in your previous exams: Risk of creating a high-fidelity prototype? What should be an appropriate answer.


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