Mtg 10/36: Fri-23-Sep-2022

Outline for Today





What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • The UX design should be as simple to the user for the understanding that would be intuitive for the people and it should have the clear user notification. The Norman door is one of them that the most of the time user has confused how to use this door properly. The execution and evaluation has been described in this perspective.
  • I know about the gulf between execution and evaluation today. The gulf of execution is the user's goal and how they can achieve the goal. And the gulf of evaluation is the understanding with which a user can determine whether the action of achieving the goal will be successful or not. In terms of Norman's door, the user knows the goal that they want to open the door. But whether it will be push or pull, that can be confusing. The lower the gulf is, the better and known as user friendly design.
  • In today's class we have discuss about Normal door in Education building. The push is clear but pushing doesn't work. handle is ambiguous. Professor also updated the 3rd oct of first individual assignment.
  • Today in class we looked at an actual example of a Norman Door at the University of Regina’s Education Building. In this particular door, only one of it worked and it indicated the user needs to push but there was also a handle and an automatic door sign. As a result, it can be confusing for a person to know whether they should, push, pull, or will it open automatically.
  • Norman doors, trusting what signs says and what the door actually does in response
  • Today we analysis ED door and Normam Door. Push is clear but pushing doesn’t work ( door fight back ) And handle is ambiguous, helped by “push” ( one the handle is turned ). And the other hand we draw a issue on the table and We explained
  • Discussed about doors
  • Today, I understood the importance of designing the simplest of everyday objects, like a door in a manner that would enhance its usability. I derived this understanding from an illustration demonstrated in class, of a Norman door (Push to open door at the university). Here, the door handle is ambiguous as, the pushing alone is not enough to unlock the door, requiring the user to turn the handle as well. This ambiguity in the system design widens the conceptual gulf of evaluation & execution distance.
  • The most important thing I learned today was how a Norman door (such as the on in ED) was made with bad design. Not only is the door difficult to use, but the fact that the accessibility button is very far from the door made me think that there is no button at all. This feature is not useful, but also forces the user to go to the door, realize there is no button, and then go back, press the button, and return quickly to the door. This is extremely counterproductive for the user.
  • Today I learned that I have trust issues with doors.
  • In Today’s lecture we spoke about Assignment and that UR Course has been updated. Then we Analyzed the ED door at U of R and whether it is an example of a Norman Door. We discuss further about Execution and Evaluation when an individual is approaching the door.
  • Group partner members. Today at the end of class their was a brief moment where we were paired off into project groups to discuss plans for it. I didn't have anyone in particular to be grouped up with so I didn't know who I was going to be paired off with. Still a bit confusing over how the project will be divided as some activities like the empathy maps are more dependent ant with the activity requiring more or less time but i'm sure that will be figured out over time.
  • The most important thing that I learned today is that people will often perceive some things first. For example, in the picture of the norman door shown today, most users would think to push first since it's labeled right in the top middle. After failing to push, the user will realize that there is another label telling them to use the handle, which may make things more confusing. It is important to clarify the purposes of the door at the begining.
  • The most important thing that I learned today is analysis of ED door and the due date of assigment 1.
  • Analysis on Norman Door example: our ED building door. The handle’s role is ambiguous since it usually signifies pull but the plate of the door said “push” which is contrary of what it should normally be like. There is definitely trust issue when it comes to following door instructions.
  • We discussed more about the Norman door using a door in the Education building as an example. It is confusing that there is a push panel with a handle that locks. I think the simple solution is to remove the push panel and just have the word push on the door with the handle. Alternatively, the handle and the lock could be removed on the push side.
  • Dr.Hepting discussed a problem with the door of the education building as an example of Norman's door. That door had an ambiguous handle, like a push plate plus push written on it, and it wouldn't open when pushed. As a second action debate after initial push failure, he discussed door signs (automatic, indicates pull, etc.). “Gulf of Execution & Gulf of Evaluation” was the final topic taught using an example in which the smaller distance was the target and the wider distance may make us give up.
  • In the meeting 10, we analyzed the door which has ambiguous handle. On the top of the part of aluminum was written "Push". But when you was trying to open the door by pushing the door, it didn't work! (The door fights back!) May be once the handle is turned the door could open! The goal of this is opening the door. And when we see the door some thinks comes to our mind. 1-I should open the door by pushing? 2- Maybe turning the handle opens the door? we could evaluate this design.
  • We got to learn more about the Norman doors today and I realized that there are lots of norman doors even in our campus. We also got to understand that Norman doors is based on perspective. I would like to learn more about the concept of user friendly designing.
  • Analysis of Education Building door. It is Norman Door.
  • Norma
  • In today's meeting I have learned about the evaluation and execution in a norman door topic. it is very interesting and fun topic to learn. i like it and looking forward to learn and discuss this topic in next meeting. professor has made the groups for group project also.
  • Today in the class wee learned about 10 neuristics. After that I learned about two UX Gulfs which is Evolution and Execution.
  • Today we discusses about the design of ED door. I learned that clarity of programmer is must for designing good user interface.
  • Professor today figure out the door of Education building which was aware by all but none noticed it as door says toh PUSH but only opens when handle is unlocked.This is the new thing I learned today as we can also turn handle and PULL in most of cases.
  • The most critical thing I learned was how execution and evaluation works. discussed about group projects, explored norman doors, and presented A video of a door with a push sign was also shown. analysis of door, even a significant push is obvious, yet in this instance, it fails, The handle is clearly handled by "push," and I learnt how assessment works. the implementation is effective, and if we have any questions, it is also effective. evaluation would be slow as well.
  • Dear Prof. Hepting. Today you talked about the design of a norman door that you saw in the university. So, the problem was that the door was automatic, but the battery died so that you couldn't open it, and that was a bad design because there was a handle that gave you the feeling that you had to pull the door, but they wrote the word "push," and you had to push it. Thanks
  • From the example of Education building door, I learnt the important thing that the gulf size in using that door is big. I.e. We need to execute multiple times and try to evaluate the interface multiple times before having successful operation of that particular user interface. Hence, for a good user interface, the gap between two gulfs- execution and evaluation should be small.
  • Today the teacher said personal homework, and then watched the video of ED DOOR and NORMAN DOOR. pushing is clear but pushing doesn't workhandle is ambiguow,helped by push.
  • continued our discussions on evaluation and execution, the two gulfs of UX
  • the most important thing that I learned is about the Norman door example taken by the Professor inside the education building and I actually went with my other class mate and we investigated the usefulness of this door and it appeared is makes it really confusing t open the door and also so hard to open he door automatically for the people with special needs since the button is way far away and is not close to the door.
  • Today, I will mainly talk about the deadline of Assignment 1 and ED Door's related problems and thoughts
  • The gulf of interaction is an important concept that I learned today, regarding the Norman door on the first floor. What makes this door so confusing is that you have to turn the handle and push, but the push bar implies that you don't have to turn the handle. I'm also curious as to whether the automatic opening button works without having to twist the handle.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • The divide between people who thought the second try would also be push after pushing failed the first time
  • The most difficult thing for me to understand today is the analysis of ED door, I didn't understand the conversation of the interact between door and user at first.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • I would like to know more about design and user experiences other than just doors and the marble answering machine. I feel it is hard to get a grasp on the bigger picture if we keep resorting to the same set of examples every week.
  • In today’s meeting we discussed about the Norman doors, we saw some videos about the same. He also showed some of the Norman doors on the campus of University Of Regina. The topic of Norman door is debatable because some people like push while some like to pull the door on the same place. I would like to know more about the Norman doors and its concepts and also how it creates problems for some people while not for some others.
  • I would like to know the benefits of empathy in a design.
  • I would like to know more about how evaluation and execution can be used for user interface implementation.
  • The Gulf of execution and the Gulf of evaluation are literally new topics for me that I would like to dig a bit more deeper. The Gulf of execution and the gulf of evaluation are the concepts that are essential to understanding the interaction between humans and computers. I would really like to explore more about how it helps humans in interacting with the machines and vice versa and in it might turn out to be a good topic in the class discussion. But overall it's a great topic to do some research.
  • I wish we had covered a little bit more on the gulf of evaluation and execution
  • We learned and analysed door for university of regina. We discussed about what factors contribute or through which we can determine if a door is norman door or not and basically if we see a door and if we are able to open it without knowning about it or knowning the activity which is performed in opening door is considered as good example for it. I would like to know more about it as subject can be argumentative when it comes to choice as some may think to push while other may think to pull
  • A door, so common yet many of us fails to use it properly. This was an interesting topic to discuss about in today's class as it brings forth the understanding of human psychology.
  • Today we discussed Norman Doors and Dr. Hepting had some examples of norman doors on campus. I am intriguied about whether a norman door would still be considered a norman door if people in a certain environment had developed an intuition to always pull a door first, and for them what we consider norman doors, would be the perfect design. I belive that the concept of norman doors is a bit subjective based on who is using it. I would like to look more into the invention of Norman Doors.
  • I wanted more information about the assignment- Empathize with teacher; the Empathy map- whether the user will be the teacher or the student.


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