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      Zoom Audio Transcript

      • Hello. how's everyone today. Okay. Let me share my screen here. Okay, so this is our. Page for our course. This is actually on my laptop still I haven't put to the website. And that had some the link section. To the resources that. Are on the syllabus. Okay i'm. Sorry meeting today. Well, happy Thursday or Friday depending where you are. let's do the attendance next. Okay there's a password for tenants. and So just request again if you're going to. In the chat please don't send me a direct message, because then I get. I have to reset my. chat to. send to everybody. So there's a question about the final exam so I said we're going to. I was going to look into that and so. I think. We have a lot of flexibility. So I know that the 700 final exam. Is on April 14. between nine and 12. Right. So my thought originally. Was that we could have the exam either on. So our last meetings on the seventh of April. So we can have it either on the 12th through the 14th. Because now i've learned about the other exam being scheduled on the 14th. Maybe the 12th is a better day. So we could typically exams are scheduled from in the morning nine to 12. or in the afternoon two to five. So that's close to our time now, but. i'd appreciate your thoughts on this. either in either in the chat or with your. microphone. If you're if you want to speak, I guess it's. Even better, to have put your hat raise your hand raise your virtual and then I can keep track of you that way calling you.
      • Yes.
      • Okay, so why don't I do a poll. Everybody is here.
      • yeah.
      • Okay morning of the 12th.
      • Oh.
      • he's breaking up yeah.
      • yeah and also, I have one more.
      • One more which.
      • yeah.
      • How I think what's the pattern of. How you're going to pick her.
      • Well we'll talk about the exam so we can agree on what would be.
      • A.
      • The appropriate or the best choice for a day, and we can agree on there's some consensus. Okay, so I thought I named the poll, but I don't have a question here. I didn't. get a name for the question, so it says i'm kind of question. So the question is where. Let me put the title on the question. Okay i'm just going to launch this instead of try and go back and Edit that. Okay So here we go with the times for the exam final exam. Okay, so if everyone can reply that would be great. still missing for people. To people are we had to reply. So the Tuesday morning looks like the preferred time. So Tuesday morning here would be. four hours earlier basically four hours earlier in the day than what we're meeting right now. And the two to 5pm would be. we'll be starting in 45 minutes. give you an idea, so there are two people. In the meeting, who haven't replied yet can. I can, I encourage you to reply. If you haven't done so already. Okay, so I all I know is that okay one one more appliances one left. Give a few more seconds for the last person to her by to answer the poll about the final exam date.
      • Okay.
      • So everyone's reply now. So three people indicated. So 12 people like the idea of Tuesday morning. To for Tuesday afternoon and one for Thursday afternoon. Is anyone. not able to do it Tuesday morning on the 12th. we're Tuesday the 19th be a better option. So you can send me a direct or. Okay, so i'm sorry I don't know what the. The yes, Sir, as a response to taryn. So. I don't hear any objections i'll i'll see about getting. Okay. Let me try a new. Okay, so let me. i'll do two. So i'm going to ask which one of those two tuesday's you prefer, and then i'm gonna there's two more questions. Go for. them. Okay. Okay i'm going to launch this new poll now. So three questions to answer which date do you prefer. And then, are you available free either both dates. Even if it's not your preference. So i'm going to wait for everybody to reply to this one as well. So six more people to go right now. Okay, so we're waiting on two more people. Okay, waiting for one more person. Okay, just waiting for one more person. Okay. So it's not as clear cut as I hoped here and i'm going to end the poll now. Okay, I can change the size of the window alright. So it's fairly evenly split 60 6044. preferred preference for the 19th compared to the 12. and 13 out of 15 are available on either day, so the two people. Two people say they're not available for one or the other. So I don't know if that sounds very. If that is carved in stone stone, so to speak, or whether there's still some chances to. To find a better solution. What about a different time on the 12th through the 19th. committed a good later. I think we would have the option to to make it. At a time. of our own choosing. Okay, make it 10 or 11. And then go for. Presumably three hours. That help. So i'd really appreciate your input here. So, to me it seems like the 12th might be a better option for people who want to be done with the Semester. earlier. The 19th would be. may be better if you think about preparing for the 700 exam and then. prepare for the 730 exam. Whereas if it's on the 12th then. You need to organize your time. A little bit differently, perhaps. We don't have to make it. So with April 18. be any better for. The people who said they couldn't make it on the 19th. Okay i'm gonna do one more poll. just give me a second here. Okay, let me do it this way. So i'm gonna give you. A choice of dates. And times and i'm gonna let you say preferred. It it's okay or not available. Okay, so i'm going to. Okay, so. Now i've added six. Between the between April 18 and 19th so it's Monday and Tuesday. i've added options for three different times so i'm going to ask you to give me your rating for each of them, whether you prefer that time. it's Okay, so not the best for you, but not terrible you could still make it. or whether you be not available for that time. And please don't select not available, unless you're really not available. Okay, so i'm going to launch it and wait for everybody to reply. So that makes sense. Turn did you have some questions. Okay, so we're still looking for one person. To reply. Okay, so there's no time that's showing up as everybody's available. So is there anyone for whom no time on April 18 or 19th. is feasible so none, neither of those days works at all I didn't ask for that. Well, I asked for it, but I can't tell if anyone replied not available to all the options. Okay. So we have. and say it looks like the best day is. Is Tuesday at 9am. Right. slight preference over. Over Monday at 9am. Okay, so. I know people have bad Internet connections and. This isn't the quickest moving. process here. But if you're not available for one to two days that we're talking about so either the eighth Monday the 18th or Tuesday the 19th. reply to my question and say. So it can be there. Yes, no, no, yes or yes, yes, so. uh yes, would mean you're not available. So if if you're available for both days you don't have to answer. So some people have. that's fine. But I was really interested to see if there are people who. Who just couldn't possibly make it on one of those two days. That makes sense. So for a on and harpreet. I understand that you're available for both Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th. So I understand your response okay. So yes, would be yes i'm not available. On that day, so Darren has replied no yes, so no i'm not available, no i'm not unavailable on Monday, yes i'm not available on Tuesday so don't schedule it on Tuesday. at all. Okay, so. you're the one who seems to have the problem with Tuesday, not to single you out but i'm just trying to be clear, so we have we don't have everybody available on the 19th. Maybe Sharon magical whiteboard here, and then we can. see if we can come to an agreement. Okay. So why don't we. annotate here with. suggestions. Can everybody use text. will be harder, if you have to draw it in. Okay. I thought there was a problem Tuesday the 19th, but it seems like there's not a problem with Tuesday the 19th. So I will. Ask about getting that scheduled for us on Tuesday. Okay. Okay, so we're getting close to the end of time today. If you have questions for me. i've got an office hour from starting at 230 and 20 minutes for an hour. he likes like to discuss things so. Sorry, or any of you familiar with to the Apollo 13 design issue. So this was the. The mission that had the explosion on a trip to the moon. And so they had to. They couldn't go to the moon, but they had to figure out how to get back to earth. And so, one of the problems, was that the carbon. carbon monoxide. scrubber filter. In the Lunar lander was a different shape than the one in the command module. So the people on the ground there had to figure out how to get. How to make use of the. One from the Lunar lander. Inside the command module so that they could still have. Clean air to breathe, so they wouldn't die of. carbon monoxide poisoning. Does that ring a bell for anyone. Okay. Can so that was a radiotherapy device built by atomic energy of Canada limited. I think in the 80s. So it was the latest model in a series. of devices, but. In the preceding. Models they had a mechanical interlock system. They would not, they would prevent. dangerous levels of radiation being given to patients. So in the. In the therapy 25 they removed those mechanical safety features. And they they thought that they had test they had. So, with, in the absence of mechanical safety features they relied on software only they thought. Their software was correct because they didn't encounter any problems before and earlier models, but the idea was. That the mechanical safeties were being engaged. And not reported so. The mechanical safety features and the previous models. He had. The software errors that were apparent. In earlier versions. So, have you heard about Norman doors before. was their doors which. don't give a clear signal, but which way to open them. Or how to open them whether it's push or pull. Okay, so because we're at the end of our class today. i'm going. To leave you with. To think about okay. So I have some links. here that I didn't. yeah that's right so. Because no lives are lost on Apollo 13. So I had some links for those. idea for those things for you to look at over the weekend. And you can reflect on our experience of using zoom to in some consensus about. Our exam time. Okay, anyway, thank you for today. Take care everyone have a good weekend and we'll see you Tuesday. bye everyone take care.

      Zoom Chat Transcript

      • Good Morning Sir
      • Good Morning. I’m fine. Thank you.
      • Good afternoon sir
      • 14th
      • yes
      • yes sir
      • I prefer morning. Apr 12
      • April 12 sounds good
      • Yeah morning sounds good
      • the morning time sounds good
      • okkay sir ,as you say
      • Please everyone answer the poll with your preferred time for the final exam
      • thanks sir, I did it already
      • yes sir 👍
      • For me, Tue 19th is a better option.
      • for me too 19th is great option sir
      • what do you prefer sir?
      • I prefer 19 so I can prepare for 700 and 730 Adequately
      • Hello Sir,
      • Questions?
      • no sir
      • Hello Sir, I just wanna ask one question. according to you and future coming schedule which date and time would be the best for us ?
      • We can manage any of those options. I have another final exam to give on the 19th @ 9am but that should not be an insurmountable problem.
      • hi sir i have a bad coonection.i can not record my session
      • Tuesday
      • Tuesday is fine
      • Tuesday
      • yes sir go for it !!!
      • Without doing another poll, is anyone not available for any times on Monday, April 18? on Tuesday, April 19? If you are not available on 1 or both of those days, please reply with 2 Yes/No’s
      • No, No
      • NO,NO
      • No,Yes
      • no sir sorry ! I'm okkay with Tuesday 19th anytime .sorry I could not understood
      • Yes(not available on Monday), No(Okay with Tuesday-19)
      • NO,YES
      • Yes(not available on Monday), No(Okay with Tuesday-19)
      • Tuesday19
      • No, No
      • Monday April 18
      • Tuesday April 19
      • Tuesday April 19
      • Tuesday April 19
      • Tuesday, 19
      • Tuesday 19th ,Lord hanuman
      • Tuesday, April 19
      • Tuesday April 19 @2
      • tuesday Aprill19
      • Tuesday April 19
      • I can work with any day.
      • Tuesday April 19
      • Tuesday, April 19th
      • Don’t think so
      • Therac 25?
      • No, haven't heard about it
      • thanks sir
      • take care
      • I remember Apollo 13 is considered a successful failure
      • thank you
      • Thank you
      • Thank you sir
      • Thank you.
      • thank you
      • THANKS SIR


      The most important thing that I encountered:

      • We cant satisfy everyone
      • hi sir .how are you? today is talking about picking an exam date.
      • In today's meeting I learnt about Apollo 13 and Therac 25, would like to know more about them and what were the design flaws there. I also found various things about zoom interface like the poll, I think its a good feature
      • Always ask each and every person to make a decision for them.
      • I learned about the tentative final exam would be on April 19th.
      • Today's discussion revolved around finding the course's final exam date, time, and duration. Every student participated in several polls to find a suitable exam date for all. This experiment again showed how people have different preferences. Similar to Howard Moskowitz's findings, I realized there is no perfect date but only perfect dates for an exam.
      • in designing we can not satisfy everyone no matter how good the design seems to be
      • I got to know about the exam dates and also learned about information on design principles.
      • The most important thing that I learned is to give and accept critiques of design ideas in a constructive manner and accept what others think about that ideas as well.

      The thing about which I would most like to know more:

      • How to create a quality design. What ticks the boxes
      • Today we discuus about the Final Exam Date and in last we discussed about Therac 25.


      Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting