Xiaofei Deng (邓晓飞),Ph.D

An image of XiaofeiI obtained my PhD in the Dept of Computer Science at the University of Regina. My supervisor is Dr. Yiyu Yao.

My research interests include three-way decisions, decision-theoretic rough sets and Granular Computing.

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Dept of Computer Science

CW308.11, University of regina

3737 Wascana PKY

Regina, SK, S4S0A2, CA

Tel: +1 (306) 216-5281

E-mail: me@xiaofei.ca

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Journal publications

  1. Yao Y.Y., X.F. Deng , Quantitative rough sets based on subsethood measures, Information Science, Volume 267, 2014, pp. 306-322. (publisher)
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Conference papers

  1. Hu, M. J., Deng, X. F., Yao, Y. Y. A sequential three-way approach to constructing a co-association matrix in consensus clustering, Proc. of the International Joint Conference, IJCRS 2018, pp. 599-613.(publisher)
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Contributed Chapters

  1. Y.Y. Yao, X.F. Deng, A Granular Computing Paradigm for Concept Learning. In: S. Ramanna, L.C. Jain, & R.J. Howlett (Eds.): Emerging Paradigms in Machine Learning, SIST 13, pp. 307-326. (publisher)

Chinese chapters

  1. 邓晓飞,王洪凯,姚一豫. 基于三支决策的自适应粗糙集近似. 《三支决策理论与应用》,南京大学出版社,南京,118-130, 2012.
    (X.F. Deng, H.K. Wang, Y.Y. Yao, Adaptive rough sets approximations based on three-way decisions (in Chinese), in: Jia, X.Y., Shang, L., Zhou, X.Z., Liang, J.Y., Miao, D.Q., Wang, G.Y., Li, T.R., Zhang, Y.P. (Eds.), Theory of Three-way Decisions and Applicatiion, Nanjing University Press, Nanjing, China, pp. 118-130, 2012.) (scan.pdf, draft.pdf)
  2. 邓晓飞,基于三支决策的模糊集近似,刘盾,李天瑞,苗夺谦,王国胤,粱吉业 (编著). 《三支决策与粒计算》,科学出版社,北京,196-213, 2013.
    (Deng, X. F., Approximations of fuzzy sets based on three-way decisions (in Chinese), in: Dun, L., Li, T. R., Miao, D. Q., Wang, G. Y., Liang, J. Y. (Eds.), Three-way Decisions and Granular Computing, Science Press, Beijing, China, pp 196-213, 2013) (.pdf)


CS830 Machine Learning

CS890CB Research Methods in CS

CS831 Knowledge Discovery in Databases

CS839 Web Intelligence and Electronic Commerce

CS836 Rough Sets and Applications

CS824 Information Retrieval (Visitor)


CS110 Marker (C++, Winter & Fall 2010)

CS210 Marker (C++ Plus Data Structures, Winter 2011)

CS210 Lab (Spring 2011)

CS215 Lab (Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Winter 2013, Summer 2013, Winter 2014, Summer 2014)

CS215 Marker(Fall 2013)

Volunteer of

Chinese Pavilion at Regina Mosaic Festival, 2010

7th Annual Univ of Regina Student Research Conference, 2012

Honorarium-Airport Welcome, Univ of Regina, 2014

Canada-Wide Science Fair, CWSF, Regina, 2017

One lab one family

One lab one family


  • 2012 Shen Kuo presentation, May 24th, 2012)
  • presentation: A granular computing paradim for concept learning (.pdf)

  • ICCI*CC 2011, Banff, AB, August 18-20, 2011

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